The Erudition Retreat will be unique in the way we approach roundtable discussions. Each roundtable will be based on three factors:

  1. Completing an experience to a local attraction that has an educational or community awareness focus;
  2. A theme that participants can focus attention on when visiting the site; and
  3. Key questions of inquiry and how those questions could be applied to the theme.

The idea is to develop solutions to how learning can be made authentic (i.e. relevant in a modern social context) using digital technologies.

The roundtable experience allows for a congress to enjoy the company of colleagues, in a relaxed atmosphere, that promotes critical and creative thinking depending on the experiences encountered during the previous activity.

The group could engage in discussion that inquires about:

  1. Effectiveness of the educational materials
  2. Specific instructional methodologies and/or theory used
  3. How virtual and augmented reality could help develop engagement with the activities
  4. How/when/where game based learning or gamification were employed
  5. Ways in which knowledge transfer can be assessed
  6. What can we do better to improve the experience
  7. What will we be able to do in the future to improve the experience