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Rockcliffe’s Erudition Conference will engage attendees in interdisciplinary opportunities to gain insights into pedagogical innovation, as well as provide opportunities to network with other educators working with immersive technologies, whether they be web-based, augmented, or virtual reality technologies in the support of learning development.

Rockcliffe members span a wide variety of interests in education including higher education, professional, continuing education, and K-12. Many of our members work with developing simulations and learning based environments predicated on OpenSimulator, Second Life, Unity, High Fidelity, and the soon to be released Sansar.

Our membership are interested in being on the forefront of new technology and opportunities that can be used for developing learning experiences at a reasonable cost. Our members are not afraid to get their hands dirty by creating their own video, audio, graphics, 3D mesh models, scripts, databases, cloud based services, and a host of other activities that are as much about technology as they are about learning.

Our members tend toward being self-reliant and self-organizing. If a support service doesn’t exist for a niche technology they are just as likely to develop their own network as they are to be reliant on the technology company offering the service.

As a Rockcliffe Sponsor, you will have access to very highly educated professionals that can truly put your product or service through its paces. While educational professionals do not generally have a purchasing role, they are often the first group consulted when a business or institution needs to make a purchasing decision. Showcasing your product or service to our members is a solid investment especially when there is a clear value proposition related to education support of online and blended learning.

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Important Notes

For AGM Sponsors:The Rockcliffe Annual General Meeting will be happening October 12, 2017 from 1:00pm to 8:00pm including hands-on workshops.

Website Acknowledgements:: Along with link to the sponsor’s website, will include promotion through:

Logo Signage and Logo Signage on Site: Logo graphics will be supplemented by the conference organizers with augmented reality components allowing participants to access the sponsor’s website.

Exhibit Space with Table: Sponsored Exhibit space with table needs to fit into a space 6’ (L) x 2’(D) x 8’ (H) (includes table height).

Demonstration Workshop: Available only for Gold Sponsors, who will be invited to provide a one hour demonstration or workshop at the conference related to their product or service. Special requirements for set-up and or equipment needs are to be arranged in advance.

Sponsor Address: Break Sponsors will have an opportunity to address the conference for up to a 20 minute period during one of the two conference days.

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